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Ceramic metal


PMB is the partner in the design of assemblies, from the prototype stage to the fabrication and delivery of assembly lines.

Its teams bring the technical solutions to respond to all expectations, with competitive aims always in mind.

PMB custom-manufactures, in small or medium numbers, components and equipment where the combination of dissimilar materials is needed to meet your requirements.

Ceramics (aluminium oxide, sapphire, zircon, etc.) and metals (beryllium, titanium, copper, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, etc.) are the basic materials used in the procedures of forming, machining, grinding, surface treatment, brazing at temperature under vacuum and controlled atmosphere, welding and bonding.


Ceramic / metal feedthrough

PMB provides design and construction of insulation parts, connectors and ceramic-metal sealed feed-throughs for civil applications (power generation) and the military (submarines). These parts are usually made with dissimilar materials such as titanium, kovar, stainless steel, or molybdenum brazed, usually, with a technical ceramic (Al2O3) product of our own making. In harsh environments, ceramics become particularly useful, with excellent resistance to chemically aggressive media, high pressures and temperatures and strong currents or voltages as an electrical insulator.


Kicker chambers

The kicker chamber is an essential element of particle accelerators with very high energies intended for fundamental research. PMB has acquired expertise in the development of these ceramic-metal subassemblies integrating the control of thin layer deposits.


Cryogenic interface

This part is an example of a crossing path for through-wall applications in cryogenics, made of ceramic–metal.


High voltage transfer

High voltage bushings are used to isolate two environments, such as vacuum, SF6, or air while passing on high currents and/or high voltages.

A conductive rod made of copper or another metal, depending on the operating temperature, is brazed to a ceramic insulator (Al2O3). For this type of component, engineers have validated our designs using thermomechanical simulations.



PMB manufactures viewports with different materials such as sapphire brazed titanium, kovar and stainless steel for military, scientific or space uses. The material used for the transparent part is chosen according to the wavelengths that must pass through and the mechanical characteristics.

Cryogenic interfaceHigh voltage transferKicker chambersCeramic / metal interfaceCeramic / metal interfaceCeramic / metal interface