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ISOTRACE cyclotron

Tried and tested MRI magnet technology has been integrated in the design of the Isotrace cyclotron. The resulting system is totally automated, requiring little or no intervention by the user for the standard operations.

The energy of the 12 MeV beam is optimised for the production of isotopes for Positron Emission Tomography, commonly known as a "PET scan". The beam intensity obtained, up to 100 µA, guarantees good results every time.


A technology from the service point of PET

The choice of Isotrace for clinical or research needs makes an integrated system suitable to requirements available to the teams.

The Isotrace cyclotron is perfectly optimised for efficient production of all the key isotopes for PET: 18F, 13N, 11C and 15O. The high-intensity 12 MeV protons allow an increased return on the production of isotopes with a low level of radiation and without operational complications. The seven-position target barrel-changer and the dedicated chemical synthesis modules maximise the production and flexibility.


Reactions on the generated nucleus




Target materials

Chemical formula of the product


20,4 minutes


Gaseous Nitrogen

11CO2 (g)


9,96 minutes

16O(p,α) 13N




2,03 minutes

15N(p,n) 15O

Gaseous Nitrogen enriched with 15N

C15O2 (g)


109,8 minutes


Water enriched with 18O


The cyclotron can be installed with a minimum of building preparation due to its reduced weight, its size, which allows it to be handled in restricted access and its low need for air conditioning and cooling.


The ISOTRACE offers a large range of Installation options

The optimisation of installation, armour plating, interlocking and safety devices, are all specifically designed to be suitable for all circumstances and budgets. The installation can be done in an existing bunker where it is possible to take advantage of the low weight and small size of the machine. Or in a simplified bunker, because it is possible to have parts of the low level radiation cyclotron and armour plating separated from the barrel-change target.

The minimum HF emissions and compensation coils emit negligible magnetic leak fields, to reduce the environmental constraints.

ISOTRACE cyclotron in PET for cancer diagnosisISOTRACE cyclotron for nuclear medecine