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Linear electron accelerators with energies from 3 to 7 MeV
beamline linac oriatron

PMB has developed a range of S-band electron accelerators with energies varying from 3 to 7 MeV to generate an X-ray beam. These machines are our standard items and in recurrent production. Their maintenance is performed by our technical teams, which keep spares in stock, guaranteeing fast turnaround and minimum machine downtime. The ORIATRON linac has a focal spot reduced to 0.6 mm, giving a greater image resolution in the case of non-destructive inspection, and a higher dose rate. It has numerous possible options, helping it to meet the specific requirements of each project.

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PMB provides linacs with the following nominal energies: 3 MeV, 4 MeV, 6 MeV and 7 MeV. These standard ranges have several options catering for the specific requirements of each project. By means of simulations, calculations and study, PMB develops specific machines for particular applications. These cases have required the development of specific secondary collimators, beam flatteners and operation in the green zone (self-shielded machines).

PMB uses 3D HFSS electromagnetic simulation software for the design and sizing of RF components. Egun code is used to simulate the movement of charged particles and is used for the sizing of electron guns.

The complete architecture is validated by simulation in beam dynamics. The machine high-voltage circuits are simulated using SPICE software. All PMB accelerators are fully tested at PMB before being installed at customer sites, demonstrating full compliance with specifications.

For more information on non-destructive testing applications, please refer to the page dedicated to the X-ray NDT System.


linac oriatron by pmb


PMB is also capable of developing accelerators to specifications that are not part of the standard range: 

  • Energy
  • Higher dose rate
  • Multi-energies
  • Etc.
customization of linac oriatron pmb