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ORIATRON: X-ray Non Destructive Testing Systems

PMB designs and manufactures high-energy linacs for NDT applications
ORIATRON: NDT & Radiotherapy Linacs
  • High-energy S-band electron accelerators
  • Can produce high-energy X-rays or electron beams
  • Energy range from 3 to 7 MeV
  • Reduced focal spot down to 0.6 mm or 0.7 mm (greater CT scan image resolution)
  • Qualified maintenance, both preventive & curative

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Inspection System

PMB has been designing and manufacturing high-energy LINACs since 2011. These machines can be used in many industries, such as Aerospace, Research or Defense & Security. PMB can also provide a complete NDT X-ray CT system, to inspect high-density items or large objects (missiles, solid-fuel engines, cast parts, etc). 


x ray non destructive inspection system


Non-destructive testing and full inspection of items with X-rays are used in many fields, such as:

  • Aerospace (space shuttle components, aircraft structures, solid rocket fuel tanks...)
  • Defense (missiles, turbine blades, casting inspection...)
  • Research
  • Industry (casting inspection, high-value metal detection...)

The downsized focal spot size (0.6 mm to 0.7 mm, depending on the measurement method) allows the imaging system to produce greater image resolution, making it easier for the operator to detect even the smallest defects, voids, inclusions, etc. Moreover, this feature allows the object to be closer to the source, resulting in a higher dose rate. 


pmb non destructive testing