ORIATRON: NDT & Radiotherapy Linacs

PMB designs and manufactures high-energy linacs for NDT and radiotherapy applications
ORIATRON: NDT & Radiotherapy Linacs
ORIATRON: NDT & Radiotherapy Linacs
  • High-energy S-band electron accelerators
  • Can produce high-energy X-rays or electron beams
  • Energy range from 3 to 9 MeV
  • Reduced focal spot down to 0.7 mm (greater CT scan image resolution)
  • Qualified maintenance, both preventive & curative

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Since 2011, PMB has increasingly taken the lead in the design and manufacture of high-energy Linacs, which can be used in many industries, such as Aerospace, Research, Defense & Security… PMB can also provide a complete NDT X-ray CT system, to inspect high-density items or large objects (missiles, solid-fuel engines, cast parts, etc).