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PMB: from technology to innovation

PMB designs and manufactures high-technology components, machines and systems operating in the medical, defense & security, nuclear power, research and industry fields. Our technical expertise is mainly focused on the brazing of ceramic/metal and metal/metal of complex assemblies. We can also provide the following products: RF mechanical assemblies, brazed and welded mechanical assemblies for demanding applications, beamline components, components for X-ray tubes, high-energy linacs and NDT systems, as well as cyclotrons and automated radiotracer production systems for PET imaging.

Exhibition next one

European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress (EANM'19)

from 11 to 15 Oct 2019
Booth n°62
Barcelona, Spain

French Days on Nuclear Medicine (JFMN Congress)

from 26 to 28 Mar 2020
Booth n°6K
Montrouge, France