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from 22 Oct 2020 to 22 Feb 2021

iMiGiNE 3D Virtual Booth

eanm20 booth 3d interactive imigine pmb alcen

Discover our 3D Virtual Booth! Exclusive content, navigation around our iMiGiNE system (cyclotron & radiochemistry) and new advances on our iMiLAB radiochemistry R&D system, for radiopharmaceutical development. 

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from 21 Oct 2020 to 21 Feb 2021

ASTRO 2020: Exclusive Event on FLASH Radiotherapy & FLASHKNiFE

astro flashknife flash radiation therapy pmb alcen

We are hosting an exclusive event on FLASH radiotherapy and FLASHKNiFE, with testimonials from experts in the field. Join us for this virtual experience and give us your thoughts on FLASH radiation therapy, current research and possible future treatments.

We are excited to be participating in the ASTRO for the first time! Use the code INVITE166 to register! 

from 24 Jun 2020 to 24 Jun 2021

PMB-Alcen Announces the Launch of FLASHKNiFE, the FLASH Radiotherapy System Dedicated to Clinical Trials

flash radiotherapy system clinical trials

PMB, a subsidiary of the ALCEN group, is proud to announce the launch of FLASHKNiFE, the FLASH radiotherapy system dedicated to clinical trials.

07 nov 2019

First patient treated with FLASH-radiotherapy LINAC at CHUV (Switzerland)

chuv flash radiotherapy partnership pmb alcen

PMB is proud to have partnered with the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) for the first treatment of a human patient with FLASH-radiotherapy, in Switzerland. A 75-year-old patient with multiple skin tumors, was treated using the ORIATRON eRT6, a LINAC specifically engineered to safely accelerate electrons in a “FLASH” mode.


SNMMI 2021

from 12 to 15 Jun 2021
Washington D.C., USA

JFMN 2021

from 01 to 03 Sep 2021
Montrouge, France

EANM 2021

from 20 to 23 Oct 2021
astro 2021 chicago pmb flashknife

ASTRO 2021

from 24 to 27 Oct 2021
Chicago, IL, USA

ESRR 2021

from 18 to 21 Nov 2021
Verona, Italy
wcndt seoul pmb alcen oriatron non destructive testing

WCNDT 2022

from 28 Feb to 04 Mar 2022
Seoul, South Korea
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