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Actualités & Événements

from 10 Sep 2023 to 10 Sep 2023

EANM 2023' - Congress in Vienna - Austria

EANM, congress, raidopharmaceuticals, nuclear medicine

First day at EANM in Vienna for our iMiGiNE team. Learn more about our iMiGiNE product portfolio :

- iMiTRACE: the 12 MeV Cyclotron to produce up to 4 PET radioisotopes
- iMiLAB: the automated radiochemistry using microfluidics
- iMiDEV: the microfluidic synthesizer to perform R&D

And what coming next ?  

Meet us booth 203 - Hall X2 


from 30 Aug 2023 to 30 Aug 2023

ICENDE 2024 - Congress in Pune - Inde


Our team participated in the International Conference and Exhibition on Non-Destructive Testing in India from August 24 to 26. A booth share with First Source and Cyxplus. A very interesting congress to present the range of linear accelerator Oriatron.

from 05 Jul 2023 to 05 Jul 2023

Partnership with Eckert & Ziegler AG and PentixaPharm GmbH

microfluidic, iMiDEV, synthesizer, collaboration, PMB, iMiGiNE

After promising results obtained on the iMiDEV microfluidic synthesizer, Eckert & Ziegler, Pentixapharm and PMB announce their partnership on an innovative project. The three companies have signed a letter of intent demonstrating their willingness to collaborate together in order to offer a cutting-edge solution for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for the therapy.


from 03 Jun 2022 to 03 Jun 2022

PMB Announces EIT Health Supported FLASHKNiFE Consortium: Towards the Clinical Application of FLASH Radiation Therapy

flashknife consortium skin cancer flash radiotherapy theryq pmb

We are proud and honored to introduce the FLASHKNiFE Consortium, supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology for Health (EIT Health).

from 15 Mar 2022 to 15 Mar 2022

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s medicine is now made possible with the iMiGiNE system installed in Nancy

grand opening nancyclotep chru nancy imigine system theranostics virt

We are proud to have partnered with Nancyclotep and provided their state-of-the-art technical platform with an iMiTRACE cyclotron and an iMiLAB radiochemistry. These systems will allow us to promote the research and development of new molecules of clinical interest, specifically for theranostics and VIRT. 

12 may 2021

PMB and CEA Announce the Commissioning of iMiGiNE at Frederic Joliot Hospital (Orsay), Paving the Way for Next Generation Molecular Imaging Diagnostics

imigine radiochemistry cyclotron cea shfj research radiopharmaceuticals

An automated radiopharmaceutical production system iMiGiNE has been installed in Frederic Joliot Hospital (CEA) in Orsay, France and commissioned in December 2020. This disruptive system will revolutionize the radiopharmaceutical production, access and distribution. iMiGiNE will allow clinical centers to directly access disease-specific radiopharmaceuticals, otherwise rarely available, and take a first step towards personalized molecular imaging.

22 oct 2020

iMiGiNE 3D Virtual Booth

eanm20 booth 3d interactive imigine pmb alcen

Discover our 3D Virtual Booth! Exclusive content, navigation around our iMiGiNE system (cyclotron & radiochemistry) and new advances on our iMiLAB radiochemistry R&D system, for radiopharmaceutical development. 

We're ready for a chat!

21 oct 2020

ASTRO 2020: Exclusive Event on FLASH Radiotherapy & FLASHKNiFE

astro flashknife flash radiation therapy pmb alcen

We are hosting an exclusive event on FLASH radiotherapy and FLASHKNiFE, with testimonials from experts in the field. Join us for this virtual experience and give us your thoughts on FLASH radiation therapy, current research and possible future treatments.

We are excited to be participating in the ASTRO for the first time! Use the code INVITE166 to register! 

24 jun 2020

PMB-Alcen Announces the Launch of FLASHKNiFE, the FLASH Radiotherapy System Dedicated to Clinical Trials

flash radiotherapy system clinical trials

PMB, a subsidiary of the ALCEN group, is proud to announce the launch of FLASHKNiFE, the FLASH radiotherapy system dedicated to clinical trials.

07 nov 2019

First patient treated with FLASH-radiotherapy LINAC at CHUV (Switzerland)

chuv flash radiotherapy partnership pmb alcen

PMB is proud to have partnered with the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) for the first treatment of a human patient with FLASH-radiotherapy, in Switzerland. A 75-year-old patient with multiple skin tumors, was treated using the ORIATRON eRT6, a LINAC specifically engineered to safely accelerate electrons in a “FLASH” mode.