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A human-sized company specialized in complex assemblies and particle accelerators
Company PMB

PMB is a human-sized company based in France, with a long-standing expertise in brazing dissimilar materials and specialized in the design and manufacture of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies (RF and beamline components, components for X-ray tubes, ceramic-metal assemblies…), as well as particle accelerators and disruptive medical systems (a PET radiopharmaceutical system combining a cyclotron & radiochemistry and a FLASH radiotherapy system). 

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About Us

Since 1985, before its acquisition by Alcen, PMB’s technical expertise was mainly focused on the brazing of ceramic/metal and metal/metal of complex assemblies for ultra-high-vacuum components. Among others, we are able to manufacture:

  • RF components (RF windows, accelerating waveguides…) 
  • High-power RF couplers
  • Brazed and welded mechanical assemblies with high technology coating for demanding applications (ultra-high vacuum, cryogenic temperature…)
  • Beamline components (electron guns, conversion targets, collimators, ion chambers…)
  • Components for X-ray tubes (anode and cathode insulators, beryllium center frames, filament carriers…)

Since 2012, we have designed and we are developing several disruptive solutions for non-destructive testing, nuclear medicine & molecular imaging, and radiotherapy: 

  • iMiGiNE: PET radiotracer production system (automated cyclotron and radiochemistry)
  • FLASHKNiFE: FLASH radiotherapy system for pre-clinical & clinical trials (this device is not CE marked as a Medical Device)
  • ORIATRON Linacs: high-energy electron linear accelerators & high-energy X-ray NDT systems

Throughout these various activities, our goal is to commit to satisfying every one of our customers’ requirements and ensure our ability to turn innovative ideas into tangible products and solutions.


Our main facility is located in the south of France, close to Aix-en-Provence, with more than 200 employees, 6,600 m² of factory and a 35 M€ turnover in 2022. 

In order to broaden its expertise, PMB has an industrial production unit in Sousse in Tunisia with a surface area of ​​2,200 m².

PMB sites France and Tunisia


Creation of QUARTEX, specialized in glass/metal and ceramic/metal connections

Creation of METACERAM by the management of Quartex. Merger with QUARTEX in 1993, in order to become one of the European leaders in ceramic/metal brazing

Acquisition of METACERAM by ALCEN for the development of X-ray tubes in the United States

Creation of PMB, following the acquisition of the GE radiotherapy machine spares production unit. Merger with the brazing division of METACERAM in 1999

2 new factories to face the challenge of growth, one of which is in a low-labor-cost country

8 560 m2 dedicated to design, engineering and manufacture

Acquisition of radiofrequency design capabilities

Acquisition of EUROMEV, an accelerator manufacturer

Launch of the iMiGiNE project (automated radiotracer production system)

First installation of the ISOTRACE cyclotron in Guadeloupe, in the French Caribbean islands 

PMB and Nancyclotep launch the FIGEDIM project, to equip Nancy University Hospital with a full iMiGiNE system

We have launched FLASHKNiFE, the FLASH radiotherapy system for pre-clinical & clinical trials