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Ceramic / Metal Components

Custom-design and manufacture of brazed ceramic-metal assemblies
Ceramic and metal components by PMB

PMB is your partner in the design of brazed assemblies, from the prototype stage to mass production.

Our teams bring satisfying technical solutions to meet all your expectations, in terms of performance and design-to-cost.

PMB custom-manufactures components in which dissimilar materials are needed to meet your requirements. Ceramics (aluminium oxide, sapphire, zircon, etc.) and metals (beryllium, titanium, copper, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, etc.) are the basic materials used in most of our manufacturing processes such as forming, machining, grinding, surface treatment,  vacuum-and-controlled-atmosphere brazing, welding and bonding.

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Ceramic and Metal Feedthrough

  • Design and construction of feedthroughs for civil and military applications
  • Made with dissimilar materials and resistant in harsh environments
ceramic and metal feedthrough

Kicker Chamber

  • Specific component of high-energy particle accelerators in the research field
  • We braze, weld and provide TIN coating of these components
Kicker Chamber Particle Accelerators by PMB

Connectors for demanding environments

  • High pressure, high voltage
  • Harsh and corrosive environments
  • PMB is capable of providing connectors for applications in severe environments such as submarines (IFREMER). 
Ceramic Metal Connectors Severe Environments by PMB

Cable connectors

  • Very high voltage and harsh environments
  • PMB designs and assembles cable connectors mounted on cables for nuclear applications such as the Barracuda submarines
Cable connectors by PMB

Pyrotechnic Igniters

  • Highly accurate components, capable of containing a chamber subjected to an explosion
  • Designed for defense applications
Pyrotechnic Igniters by PMB