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Research Large Scientific Instruments by PMB

We provide numerous components for large scientific instruments and accelerators such as beam position monitor blocks, SMA feedthroughs, and so on. Our teams are directly in coordination with the customers to best suit their needs and requirements. 

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Large Scientific Instruments

Particle accelerators require expertise in a large number of technologies linked to high powers and ultra-high vacuum. Other than the injection of power, it is necessary to be able to take large numbers of measurements in order to control the beam. For these very demanding applications, PMB has become, over the years, an essential supplier. Components and subassemblies based on ceramics are the basis of equipment operating in severe environments such as ultra-high vacuum, high power beams or high/low temperatures. PMB teams work in direct collaboration with the customer in order to offer the most suitable solution. These actions result in components and assemblies based on ceramic materials capable of maintaining the required properties and functions under the operating conditions.

We have had the opportunity to work with various players in this field, including CERN, the ESRF, the Soleil synchrotron, as well as SLAC, DESY, INFN, ArgonneLab. 

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