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RF Components - Beamlines

Mechanical RF assemblies mostly used in beamlines
RF components by PMB

PMB provides a variety of RF components in-house: we are able to custom-design and manufacture accelerating waveguides, electron guns, RF windows… for several applications. 

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Accelerating Waveguides

  • Wide range for different types of Linacs
  • Calculations and simulations in-house
  • Vertical integration of manufacturing process 

PMB designs and manufactures a range of S to X bands accelerating waveguides using different modes such as π/2 and 2π/3. They accelerate electrons generated by the gun, thanks to the injected RF field. The maximum length achievable at PMB depends on the technology used: 2.5 m for high-temperature brazing and 3.5 m for soft brazing with vacuum envelope. 

The RF (HFSS) calculations and thermal and dynamic beam simulations are done in-house. The entire manufacturing process takes place internally thanks to a strong vertical integration (machining, brazing, RF tuning, TIG and Laser welding, leak tests).

Accelerating Waveguides - PMB

RF Window

  • Isolates the ultra-high vaccum side from the SF6 side
  • Ceramic: aluminum oxide 
  • Manufacturing process in-house, from design to final testing

RF windows allow the RF power to pass from the source to the RF device (accelerator waveguide, antenna, etc.) while isolating the ultra-high vacuum area from the SF6 atmosphere. This isolation is done via a ceramic brazed onto a metallic part. The ceramic used in this case is an aluminum oxide manufactured in our factory (mixing of powders, compression and firing included). For higher powers, a layer of TiN is deposited on the blank side face of the ceramic in order to avoid the effects of multipactoring. PMB controls all the manufacturing stages, from design to final testing.

RF Window by PMB

Bending Chamber

  • Radiotherapy equipment
  • Used to modify the path of the electron beam and shrink the energy spectrum

With a magnetic field, the bending chamber allows us to modify the path of the beam. The bending chamber is used, for example, in radiotherapy equipment to focus the beam, discriminate energies and direct the beam towards the patient. It is then possible to sort a beam of electrons or X-rays according to the value of the magnetic field, depending on whether the incident beam passes through a small window or hits a target in high atomic Z material.

Bending Chamber by PMB

Electron Gun

  • Generates an electron beam by extracting the electrons from a cathode 
  • Design and manufacturing of diode or triode guns in-house

The electron gun generates the electrons which are accelerated by the accelerating waveguide. Its main components are a cathode, an anode, and a Wehnelt (control grid). The principle is to generate an electron beam by extracting the electrons from a cathode (tungsten filament, impregnated cathode, etc.). The extraction is done via a potential difference imposed between the cathode and anode.

PMB designs and manufactures diode or triode guns with direct or indirect heating.

Electron Gun – PMB