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PMB provides key components used in medical imaging and electron therapy

With a long-standing expertise in the design and manufacture of key components for medical imaging and electron therapy, PMB has also developed an automated system for the synthesis of various radiopharmaceuticals used in PET imaging.

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Personalized Molecular Imaging

iMiGiNE is more that just another radiopharmaceutical dispenser.  PMB has envisioned a unique system designed to improve and optimize patient care, while providing new grounds for further research in the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging fields. 

It offers an alternative to traditional radiotracer production centers, by providing an unprecedented proximity to both patients and imaging departments, allowing a same-day diagnosis with multiple radiotracers and decreasing the need in staff. iMiGiNE is a game-changing solution which grants imaging centers access to a variety of radiopharmaceuticals, at a low cost. 

imigine personalized molecular imaging pmb

Medical Imaging

A vast set of techniques is used in the medical imaging industry to produce images of the internal aspect of the body, depending on the type of pathology and diagnosis sought. These techniques are ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MRI), tracer detection, gamma ray, tomography… PMB’s expertise is mainly focused on the supply of components and subassemblies for the manufacture of X-ray tubes operating in the medical imaging industry. 

Medical Imaging

Radiation Therapy and Electron Therapy

In the operation of a radiotherapy machine, the linac (linear accelerator) produces electrons of an energy generally between 6 and 25 MeV, which are released by an electron gun and then accelerated by a high-frequency AC field produced by a magnetron or a klystron. The electron beam then hits the target conversion tungsten to produce X-rays. The characteristics of X-rays at this energy level can lend themselves to a very high in-depth (tissue) treatment. The ballistic properties of the electron mean that they can be used to treat volume-surface targets, such as the skin.

PMB is able to provide complete subassemblies for radio or electron therapy. This can range from subassemblies such as electron guns, bending chamber, accelerating waveguide, or beamline assembly which provides X-rays or an electron beam and is integrated within a radiation therapy machine.

Linear Accelerator by PMB