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High-Power RF Couplers

Essential components of superconducting cavities in large particle accelerators
High-Power RF Couplers by PMB

As a fundamental component of accelerating and superconducting structures, a high-power RF coupler is a complex device which allows the transfer of power from the source to the cavity, without altering the cavity’s overall performance. 

PMB is capable of providing high-power RF couplers for any specific needs and provides reliable assistance to the customer. 

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PMB has participated in various projects, providing customers with high-power RF couplers of different frequencies (352 and 704 MHz) and a power of 1.1 MW. We have developed a growing expertise in designing and manufacturing couplers which withstand powers of 1 200 kW while remaining at an excellent high-vacuum state, and with satisfying testing results. 

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