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Awareness month for a better fight against women's cancers

10 november 2023
octobre rose, pmb, cancers féminins, breast cancer, cancer du col de l'utérus

Because life is not always rosy... 🎗

Because breast cancer is the most common among women, and cervical cancer the 4th...

It's important to inform our employees so that they can be on alert and adopt the right reflexes in case of doubt.

For this 4th edition of "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" the companies of the ALCEN group:  ALCEN : PMB-ALCENTHERYQ et ALSEAMAR had the pleasure of sharing a moment together with the following program:

- The instructive intervention of gynecologist Dr. Aude Figarella
- A buffet in the colors of the event
- The realization of a large pink ribbon in post-it, a few pieces of paper to gather the values of this moment but also our thoughts towards the cancer fighters