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Components for X-ray Tubes

Key UHV components for high-energy X-ray tubes
Components for X-ray Tubes

PMB provides a variety of components for X-ray tubes, fully manufactured in-house: we are able to custom-design and manufacture cathode and anode insulators, beryllium window centerframes, cathode arms with filaments, rotors, and so on, for several applications. 

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Cathode and Anode Insulator

  • Insulation up to 300 kV
  • UHV design
  • Precision cleaning for use in UHV and High voltage fields.
  • Frequently brazed onto a stainless steel or kovar ring to allow welding on the centerframe.
Cathode and Anode Insulator

Beryllium Window Center Frame

  • Holds the key components of the tube
  • Allows the X-rays to exit through an “X-ray transparent” window such as Beryllium or Titanium
  • UHV design
  • Precision cleaning for use in UHV and High voltage fields
  • Most of center frames have a specific coating or surface treatment to increase surface emissivity
Beryllium Window Center Frame - PMB

Cathode Arm / Filament Support

  • Holds the tungsten filament that generates the electrons which are accelerated by an electromagnetic field to hit the conversion target 
  • Requires high precision cleaning to avoid particles and arcing
  • Tight mechanical dimensions for filament positioning
Cathode Arm - PMB