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iMiTRACE Cyclotron

Compact and Lightweight 12 MeV Cyclotron to produce up to 4 PET radioisotopes
Cyclotron, iMiTRACE, PMB

Specifically tailored for the in-situ production of radioisotopes used in PET applications, PMB designs and manufactures the cyclotron iMiTRACE. Due to its innovative architecture, it offers unique characteristics as well as high performance, with a high level of reliability. 

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Innovative and unique

  • Highly innovative and unique design
  • He-free superconducting magnet
  • Lightweight and self-shielded targetry
  • 12 MeV energy
  • 13N, 11C, 18F,  68Ga

As the result of many technological improvements made on the cyclotron OSCAR, iMITRACE is highly innovative and unique. iMiTRACE using a helium-free superconducting and persistent magnet. Due to its particular design, it is a very light cyclotron: it can be installed in a 50 sqm room with only 50-cm-thick walls. The external self-shielded targets and the superconducting magnet allow iMiTRACE to be compact and extremely stable in operation, providing high production yields while not requiring helium cooling. 

Moreover, this cyclotron accelerates particles to 12 MeV, the perfect energy for the production of  13N, 11C, 18F and 68Ga which are used for PET imaging. iMiTRACE is able to produce radioisotope batches (up to 3,5 Ci of 18F in 2 hours).

Facilitated Use and Maintenance

  • Easy to install
  • Automated operation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain

Easy to install in both new and existing facilities, iMiTRACE only requires 50-cm-thick walls. Designed for fully automated operation, from target selection and filling, to delivery, iMiTRACE is easy to control. It is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed to give all the necessary information, depending on the operator's level of expertise and training. Moreover, as the ion source and targets are external, the maintenance of the cyclotron is easier and quicker. This aspect of its architecture allows maintenance operations to be done with less equipment activation, due to the self-shielded targetry, and increased uptime.



FIGEDIM Project 2020 - Greater East Region

PMB and Nancyclotep join forces to meet the Challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare:

  • Promote the research and development of new molecules of clinical interest
  • Improve and optimize iMiGiNE's industrial processes and operations in a hospital environment
  • Participate in the transition from conventional to personalized medicine, particularly for companion tests related to targeted treatments